Saturday, January 06, 2007

M - Southwestern Adventure

Over Xmas and New Years we had an adventure in the Southwestern USA. My brother Richard his wife Christine and their kids Liam and Madeline are living in Sante Fe at the moment. We went down to visit them and to see other family Ruth, Pierre and their two boys Charles and Christopher, who were over from NZ.

Flying there and back turned out to be a total nightmare which I don't really want to relive by explaining it all here. Never ever use US Airways!

Sorry no pictures of the babies... I'll see if I can find some more. travelling in the car with madeline meant that I had a lot of quality time with her "No Way!" and about my only regret of the trip is that I didn't have much time with the bigger boys. I did spend a litle time with Liam in the Grand Canyon, but about the only time I had with Charles was a discussion about Cayotes when we camped in Arizona, our last night. It was a full moon and they were making quite a racket calling to each other. After we had discussed putting all the food away over night and how they would keep away from us because they were more scared of us than we were of them, Charles turns and calls out to Liam - "I don't think we'll have any trouble Liam!"

Liam and Charles roast Marshmallows on Christmas Eve in Sante Fe.

Christmas lunch. Richard who we met in Alaska was passing through at the right time so we were very glad he was able to join us.

Becoming junior rangers at Mesa Verde National Park. Liam had been here before and was able to show off his knowledge during the Ranger Led Walk we went on into the Spruce Tree House Pueblo.

Fun in the freezing cold at Arches National Park.

Josh looking over the confluence of the Colorado and Green rivers in Canyonlands National Park.

"Sledding" on an old mirror Richard found in the campground at Monument Valley. (We just stopped here for lunch)

Cedar Ridge in the Grand Canyon. Quite a walk for a boy who didn't eat much of his lunch! Liam did really well on the way back up, holding Aunty Mere's hand the whole way, looking forward to those lollies we had left in the car.

Amber joined us for New Years in Williams and our visit to the Grand Canyon. So great to see her again... I'm hopeful she might move back to NZ!

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Andrew . said...

Hey just re-found this blog. Weirdly enough I was at the Grand Canyon at a similar time to you, I was there Christmas Eve and it looks like you went there just after. I wonder what the odds of that are.
I'm in northern California right now, back in New Zealand soon.
Happy Engagement!

Andrew Olsen (somewhat your cousin)

PS my last roommate was from Calgary.