Monday, December 04, 2006

M - Sorry...

Time for an update, we have forgotten about writing the blog for a while although I do mean to keep it up still.

We have been very busy with all the usual every day things, working buying groceries etc. All that got easier when we bought a car about two weeks ago, but then the temperature dropped to -25 and the rear shock which we knew was a bit dodgy froze solid! I kept driving it (carefully) but it would make this god awful banging noise over every bump. BOOM BOOM!! over the railway lines!

So we called around and managed to buy a new shock for $60, and changed it out. We did the work in the parking garage below Josh's work which is heated to about 15 deg or so, much better than our backyard in the snow. But there was a catch of course, the main bolt which goes through the bottom of the shock and holds it in had badly damaged thread, and we couldn't tighten it, it would go pop and be all loose again like the lid on a cheap drink bottle. Would you believe that bolt is a discontinued part... Turns out there is a help yourself wrecker like Pick-A- Part, so there we are in -25 plus wind chill pulling an old crashed car to bits with our minimalist tool kit. We got a bolt ok, and triumphantly we went back to the garage to put it in... then it turns out the nut it goes into which is welded into the axle was stripped as well...

We gave up about then and I took it to a mechanic to have the nut cut out and a new one put in. A bit of a nightmare in the end, but the car is pretty sweet now, if a little small!

We celebrated by going to Banff for a hot pool and a bit of adventure in the car. It seems to use no petrol at all, 339km trip and we got 5.8 litres per 100km!

Josh learns to drive on the ice with the rest of the calgarian lunatics

ice on the road

ice on the river, which doesn't ever properly freeze it just goes all crusty.

exploring Canmore a few months ago.

My job is going well, it's a cool little company. Josh is finding his job interesting, his boss suddenly got sick and won't be back at work until next year at least, that has meant a few changes and bit of extra trouble in the office.

I still don't have my engagement ring. I wanted to design my own so it has taken a while to get the design sorted and then have it cast. It is very simple with a single sapphire, I hope it turns out nice! Its a bit scary to commit to it when you can't quite imagine the result. They mock it up in this horrible green wax which makes the stone look awful, tough to convert that to white gold in your minds eye.

We are both really looking forward to Xmas, we are going to visit My brother and family who are living in Sante Fe, and with the Erasmus's coming over I will see my 3 nephews and niece. Richard, the Dutch guy we met in Alaska might be there too, he is on his way driving to Patagonia. Christmas shopping is proving tough. I haven't seen anyone for ages so I can't think what they might need, plus it needs to be small and portable (or edible) and the shops here are nuts. Most of them are reporting being only half staffed, the labour market is so tight, but the economy is booming and so everyone seems to have stacks of cash to spend. Not a happy mix for shopper or shops!

I hope everyone is well out there, leave us some comments so we know how you are all getting on.

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