Thursday, October 26, 2006

M - Busy, busy, busy

Life is ticking along, and quite alot has been happening lately:

We might have mentioned the job market here is white hot, and sure enough I was only unemployed for 6 days! Am now working for Integral Designs doing admin, product reviews/redesign, website stuff, project management, marketing, and being a contact point for all our dealers who aren't covered by a rep. It's exciting, and hard work to learn everything, and really interesting.

We are headed to the Banff film fest in a couple of weeks, which I am really looking forward to. Integral are having a booth at the trade show part of it. The Canmore Ice Fest is also coming up soon, helping to deal with the whole onset of winter thing.

Other exciting news is that Josh proposed, and of course I said yes. No-one seems to get very worked up at this news - a little bit of screaming would be nice! We went to the rotating restaurant at the top of the Calgary Tower (like the Auckland Sky Tower but smaller) which sounds really cheesy but was very nice actually. By far the best food I've had since leaving NZ! He presented me with a plastic ring from the loony shop, ($1) but we have been to a real jeweler, and they are creating according to our specifications.

So if that's not enough news for one post well then!....


Colin Nicholls said...

Eeeeeeeeee! [squeals]

Congratulations! We hope to meet Josh one day....

Christine said...

madeline as delighted to receive her postcard today
(Liam enjoyed his yesterday too) But Madeline hassn't had quite as many postcards

Mildly Musing said...

HEY! Congratulations you guys!

I haven't forgotten about you :).

I'm really happy for you two.. well done :).

I guess I have a bunch of news, and I'm thinking about starting a blog too (or another one, and trying to be a bit more motivated about it..).

It's really awesome seeing so many photos of you and what you are up to, keep it up..

Hope you are enjoying it as much as it looks like you are :).


Tomasz said...

CONGRATS guys! (kinda late ones, but I've just learnt about it -- somehow never got around to check your blog, until now) If the trip like that didn't break you, then you're off to a good start. CU when you're back in Kiwiland.