Tuesday, April 10, 2007

J - Rock climbing/Tick dodging at Stone Hill, Montana

While it was cold and miserable in Calgary this Easter weekend, we all went down to Montana to do a bit of climbing at Stone Hill. The rock is fantastic and the weather was brilliant as you can see. Being outdoors without a shirt on is quite a novelty for us at the moment. Tentative at first we were fish out of water without our ice tools but after a few hours got back into the swing of things. Eureka, Montana, the nearest town is a great little place with a malt shop and juke boxes that only play country. Beer is $1.75 a jar and pizza a meal for 4.

Me climbing with Grant belaying.

Lachlan climbing a different route on the same wall.

Mereywn and Jess don't seem to recognise me?

Merewyn does her favourite party trick. Wax bomb. A half kilo of superheated wax explodes into the air and bursts into flame. Maybe that will burn some of those damn ticks off. Stupid ticks!

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