Sunday, April 22, 2007

M - Selling up and moving out

Lately I have been really looking forward to getting away from Calgary, on the move again, and ultimately back to NZ. We have listed all our furniture on Craig's List which is a free classifieds website (you might remember this is how we bought our bikes in San Francisco).

So as you can see we have been reduced to eating breakfast of the floor:

We had a really crappy bed which I hated and we got ripped off buying. The 2nd hand bed market in Calgary is very difficult, even the Salvation Army don't sell them due to 'hygene reasons'. As we only had motorbikes we had to buy a bed from the only person we could find who was willing to deliver, and we paid way too much for something really worn out.

Despite all this I found it a little stressful and upsetting that a man just came and took it away:

To top all this off, Josh has just taken the car to show to someone, and I am half hoping they buy it and half hoping they won't. It looks like we might be able to sell it for more than what we paid which will help cover the parts we had to buy and the effort spent fixing it. We are trying not to ride the bikes around town however, so I am unsure what we are going to use for transport. I will be finishing work very soon if it sells quickly that's for sure!

Sister Megan will hopefully smile nicely at the California DMV on my behalf next week, so once I get my registration paid up and some panniers onto the bikes we are less likely to get hassled by the RCMP. Strictly speaking we ought to have got Alberta plates, but this means having Alberta insurance and an inspection done. It all seemed like too much effort considering they weren't going anywhere for the whole winter.

Anyone want to buy a TV, DVD Player, Computer desk, or Futon Couch?

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