Saturday, August 11, 2007

J - OR Show 07

We have come to a great pilgrimage of outdoor gear freaks. For 4 days the world's outdoor industry congregates at this show showcasing everything from superlight titanium mountaineering gear to portable 'adventure' grills. It spans 3 blocks and in Salt Lake City a block is a big thing. While Merewyn works her arse off I wander the aisles trying to get free booty. It's generally the land of milk and honey as far as gear goes. Pro deals seem to be handed out like candy and beer is free after 4pm. But it gets tiring after 3 days. Luckily we are going climbing this evening on some local granite crags. I would post some pics but cameras are banned. Arriving in NZ on the 18th!


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I think you left your camera USB cord here. Send me an email with an address if it's yours and I'll try and get it to you.


Merriwyn said...

Hey Merewyn, i just thought i'd leave a note because i'm so excited to find another (nearly) Merriwyn (that's me). I'm from Australia and your blog came up when I searched for 'merriwyn'.