Saturday, August 04, 2007

J - Still going

Well since the 'End of the Road' we have gone a long way. Climbing in the Gunks was hot and sticky and rainy, but good fun. We got do do some classic climbs and saw a copper head snake. Thanks to our friend Ben who was so kind to let us stay in their weekend house and lend us gear. We taxied and bussed through Manhattan which was an experience. The last few weeks have been relaxing in Sante Fe, NM with Merewyns brother and family. We are on our way again to Salt Lake City to the OR show where Merewyn is working in Integral Designs stall and I will be wandering the Mormon capital hoping not be converted. Though speed week in Bonneville Salt Flats will be exiting if I can get there. For a few days we are in Denver, CO staying with my brother. We are hoping to climb Longs Peak if the thunderstorms allow. 14,000 ft (5000m) will be exciting for us even though there is a trail to the top it would be nice if we can make it.

Selling the bikes turned out to be more difficult than we thought it was going to be difficult. Due to some poor communication on the part of the CA DMV it is going to take 6-8 weeks to get the title instead of 1. Luckily our buyer isn't too unhappy about it however the bike may run out of registration by then... DMV's must be the most backward, slow moving, beaurocratic insitutions known to man. And there are 50 different ones!

Never mind we are now the embarrassed drivers of a 4 litre rental Jeep. No longer can we wave at motorcyclists, because they give us dirty looks! Trying hard to resist the urge to buy lots of cheap things before we go back to NZ.

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