Friday, July 28, 2006

J - The most amazing thing

The most amazing thing just happened. Mereywn was cutting her fingernails and as I stood there waiting a fingernail clipping came careening off the scissor blades and wedged itself solidly in my left nostril. I reflexively began to snort wildly to clear my airway and after a few vigorous snortings it seemed to come free though there was still a lingering feeling of its presence in my nose as if one of its smaller brothers was still there.


Anonymous said...

Omigod. That could have been fatal. Death by nail clipping - how rare is that?
Judith B

M + J said...

well it was close I can tell you - nice to hear from you Judith! Hope you are all well in palmy, there are a couple of Palmy people staying in the hostel we are in, but I am hiding from them...


Scouser said...

That is nearly exactly the same thing that happened to me!
I was sitting their minding my own business when a random pair of scissors bounced of a stray nail clipping and wedged itself up my nose.
Unlike you however I was distracted at the time and did not notice at all for several weeks till eventually some kind stranger pointed it out. Much to my embarressment.
I guess this sort of thing is not as rare as you would think.
I was so grateful I ended up giving the scissors to this good samariton, unfortunately, my over enthusiastic gratitude resulted meant that they arrived quicker than expected, and I killed him stone dead.
Life hear is pretty dull I can tell you, sounds like you are having all the fun.