Friday, July 14, 2006

J - rain + minnesota interstate = maintenance

Upon leaving Monroe after a nice stay in real beds,about 5 miles out it began to really pour, 40 miles later M's bike stopped. Assuming wet electrics we stripped it down and started hunting with the voltmeter. Should have checked for spark first but the plug socket was buried... silly. We jump started the bike, packed up, stalled, pushed for a while, unpacked, jumpstarted again, and 10 miles later another stall. Eventually we discovered that the breather hose goes through a tiny eensy weesny little hole which had a drop of rain water in it (and probably other crap). This was preventing air from entering the tank and that was preventing fuel from leaving the tank. It was an easy fix but it took a while to figure it out.

It took the best part of the day in fact and by the time we left we only had time for a few more miles before stopping in the most expensive state park in the world $35 for camping with no showers. But don't worry we didn't pay :) We had many racoon visitors, so cute ambling around during the day, so very persistent at night :)

Minnesota I-90, east Minnesota, is pretty bad. There are holes in that road you could stow a King James Bible in. Mereywn tried to clean her wing mirrors in the Badlands this morning by breathing on them and rubbing but no matter how quick she was she couldn't rub before the fog was dry.

We are here in Rapid City, S Dakota getting a new chain for M's bike and hiding in the library until it is ready as it is 93 degrees outside. I saw a cool store today '#1. Pawn & Gun'. Rapid City is a gambling town.

There are only a couple more long days until we hit the cool juicy mountains.

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