Thursday, July 20, 2006

M - Oh Canada!

Hi we are in Calgary now and I only have 7 mins internet time left. We are looking at Jobs and the cost of living etc to see if we might want to come back and live here after Alaska. So Uncle Paul we are actually not that far from Edmonton afterall!

Calgary is booming, help wanted signs everywhere. Time to go and buy some bear spray now.

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Anonymous said...

Hey M and J,

Remember us mentioning Lisa Monsen? She and her friend stayed with your mom? Well, a classmate of hers from the Hudson area, Jon Francis, got lost 8 days ago coming down Grand Mogul in the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho. He just disappeared. His parents are out their looking for him. Keep him (a fellow climber)in your thoughts. It doesn't look good, because he only prepared for a day hike.

Another thing, I thought it was funny that you had trouble with your gas tank after helping Sue with hers. Is that a coincidence? Hmmmmmmm.

Safe travels and cheap showers,

Dave Urban