Saturday, August 12, 2006

J -Rainy old Valdez

We are here in Valdez the end of the oil pipeline. They say that Valdez is beautiful and judging by the 700 (Merewyn's guess) RV's that are crammed in to this tiny town it probably is. The rain is here however and you can see nothing. They say that Valdez is surrounded by mountains and having been to some of the other ports in this area I am inclined to believe them. They also say that the drive to/from Valdez over the Thompson Pass is the finest in Alaska, again I will have to take their word for it. It was only cold.

Onward to less rainy places.

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Sylvain said...

Hello of you
It Sylvain mow i am in dawson city
its very a nice town and may be y stay here for the discovery week end next week end for valdez it was same then you all the time rain so i pass only one night and take the road
Bye take care
y give you my blog