Tuesday, August 22, 2006

M - Sitka Sunshine

Well the boat ride was mostly uneventful, except for the usual problems of motocycles on a surface that moves around. We had checked in earlier in the day, and specifically asked did they have tie downs on board to secure the bikes? Yes of course! Well they didn't. One of the crew pulled a bit of string off a roll and handed it to Josh. Being climbing type folk however we had a few slings and bits of webbing so were able to make do. I tied my bike to some shelves, and Josh tied his down to a handy pipe of some kind! At least on the Interislander there are chains running across the floor you can secure to.

We arrived at 8ish in Sitka after a fairly boring trip. We did meet some nice people, and saw whales a few times too which would be the highlight. Jeff Kelly, an old family friend of the Groom's met us at the terminal. We are staying in "The Cottage" a great little building right next to Jeff and Deb's house. The house itself is rented, and Jeff and Deb live on Long Island which is about 20mins boat ride away. So since then we have been exploring around Sitka, seeing Josh's old house which Donn built (it's very square and straight but I like it!), the island, dong a bit of sea kayaking and looking at totem poles and museums. Every few days the town goes nuts as 100's of fat middle age people pour in off the cruise ships, like today there are two cruise ships and a sternwheeler in town.

We are hoping to do some fishing and see some more puffins before we leave town on Thursday for three days on the ferry...

Sitke is known for it's wet climate


Ruth said...

Have received package - I let Charles open it even though is still a few days to his birthday. He really likes the story and wishes he could see Stickeen. Am waiting for the "mummy can we get a dog"

M + J said...

ooops I dodn't meant to bring that on! Mind you everytime I see a beagle I think how you used to want one - they are very cool. John Muir is such a legend, and so it's neat cos it's a true story.