Wednesday, August 09, 2006

J - Some pictures

For some of these you might need to rotate your head. Sorry. Thanks to Sylvain Ducasse, our friend from Quebec for use of his computer, and thanks to someone across the street for free wireless internet access. It is a little slow thought guys maybe you should upgrade :)

Dead fish at sunset.

The sign forest at Watson Lake in the Yukon

Typical Alaska scenery, mountains, overcast, still water, fireweed by the roadside and a sign with bullet holes in it. Every single road sign in Alaska has bullet holes, except when you are inside the major towns. I should know we have ridden 90% of the roads now.

Contrast Alaska and Canada :)

baloony adventures

Me and Bryan sing to the other tourists. Mostly Bryan.

Merewyn gets wet at the Glaciar National Park Montana

the smoke blotted out the sun for 150 miles

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Scouser said...

At last some shots that don't look like the are actually scanned stamps ;-)

Like the fish, reminds me of dinner.