Thursday, September 14, 2006

M - About the Salmon...

My Mum tells me that her book of NZ nature says there is Chinook or Quinnat, Altlantic and Sockeye in NZ all introduced in 1868 but taking until 1921 to properly establish. Sockeye are landlocked by hydrodams on Waitaki River and Atlantic are confined to LakesTe Anau and Manapouri. Chinnook is most common in Waimakariri, Rakaia and Rangitata and Lower Waitaki. The chinnook come from the Sacramento River in California.

Mean while we have been very busy getting our house better set up. We now have a bed, which is a bit like sleeping on an enourmous jellyfish, and have scored heaps of kitchen stuff from a garage sale next door, the Salvation Army and the local Looney shop ($1). We have also invested in a new laptop and cable internet, so have been catching up with people on Skype.

Our living room furniture is still resticted to one chair and a TV cabinet, and without a car it might stay that way for a wee while yet.

Josh has been to a few interviews, and has one promosing offer which he is considering. Meanwhile I have been working, at Spirit West/Outdoor Approach but have just this moring told my employer that I don't really like it there and will be looking for a new job. There are so many oppotunities here at the moment, that it seems to present a great oppotunity to find a rewarding position.

After seemingly eternal sunshine, we are having a few days of rain, and it is snowing in the mountians. It is about 8 degrees outside, but doesn't really feel cold to me at all as there is no wind. The city could do with a bit of a wash.

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