Monday, September 25, 2006

M - long time no posting

Well some things have happened but it hasn't been terribly exciting since I last wrote. One highlight was Josh getting a job. He accepted the job offer I mentioned in the last post, so he has now been one whole week at Presslogic. We lucked out by starting one week before they were having their very belated Go Live/Xmas 2005 party. Thankfully they are not like IRD in that I get to go to these things too. The party consisted of Lazer tag with all the wives and kids joining in, which turned out to be a lot of fun, and Josh and I both won prizes. Josh for shooting the boss's kid the most times (he had played many times before and was much better than the rest of us) and me for getting the highest overall score in the third round. That makes me the only person to beat that kid!

Then the adults went out for dinner at a local casino. Very good crab and shrimp, I ate far too much! It's difficult to get used to coming home smelling of cigarettes again, I had to take a shower right away and out all my clothes through the wash.

Josh is finding the work environment very different, as they use a progamming methodology involving working in pairs in a single room which has a number of communal workstations. He has his own desk in an office, but is never there during the day and really only uses it for email. Part of the reason for taking this job is that Josh was keen to try this type of developing.

Getting our bed last week was very exciting after 3 and a bit months on a thermarest, but the bed we have is really awful. I can feel the springs in my back and I have a really hard time getting to sleep. Still no couch, but we are going to see a 2nd hand futon sofa later this week which will hopefully work out. I'm keen to get a futon one so that all the 100's of people who are going to visit us will have somewhere to sleep. (hint, hint!)

The weather has improved thankfully, a very respectable 23 degrees yesterday, and yesterday we got a fantastic view of the Rocky Mountains laid out to our west all glistening white in the sun. I can't wait to get out there...

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