Monday, September 04, 2006

M - Longterm campsite located

Looking for a place to live has been Josh's full time occupation since we landed in Calgary. We have looked at 1 bedroom flats, 'batchelor' units (studio apartments) and basement apartments, which are usually under a retired couple's house. For the last few days we have been staying in one of those basement apartments thanks to my new employer setting it up (thanks Steve!) Mostly all of these places have fallen into two categories, either nice but expensive and lots of competition to move in, or else grotty. Finally however we have found a compromise.

It is a basement apartment in the suburb of Ramsay, but the people upstairs are other renters not the owners, so it is more like living in an apartment building. Totally separate entrances make things a bit more private too. The layout is really weird, and not very space efficient, but as we have no furniture we're not super concerned about fitting everything in! Best of all we can move in tomorrow night which is when we have to be out of the other place. Plan B was to sleep in the shop! Oh and it's right near the zoo.

In other news we spent 6 hours yesterday at the Market Mall shopping for interview clothes for Josh. It as painful for all involved, but he now has a very swish get up, who can imagine him with new shoes, dress pants, crisp shirt and even a tie? I hardly recognised him in the shop, even the wild beard shown in the previous post has been all neatly trimmed.

Calgary has way too many shopping malls, and big box retail is out of control. We visited a couple more today as we began getting stuff to set up our new home. We came to Calgary because we were tired of camping, but it will be thermarests on the floor at least to begin with. At least we won't have to pack up each morning.


Scouser said...

Why Clagary of all places?

Scouser said...

BTW, Keith from Bivouac is trying to sell me a MacPac Torre, shoudl I trust him?

Kris said...

Why in all of Canada... did you settle on Calgary?

pablo said...

Hey dudes, it's me. The salmon we have here in NZ are chinook salmon. I bet you were waiting for me to answer that question. Who else would know that?

M + J said...

I suppose you are thinking Vancouver would be a nice place? Have you ever spent a winter on the West Coast of North America. I have, 7 times. It's pretty miserable even when you are 7. Or perhaps New FunLaaand... No Or perhaps Toronto with it's 5m people. Moosejaw? Calgary's not a romantic city but it's a city where McDonalds staff can earn $20/hr, in the province of Alberta with the lowest tax rate in Canada. Best of all it's 1 hour from Banff. So I can go see the Banff mountain film festival for real, and of course go climbing in the Rockies.

Also being just East of the Rockies it is in a rain shadow so they days so far are 99% blue sky.

M + J said...

So there!

James - Keith knows his stuff.
Paul - Mum gave me a much better answer weeks ago!