Friday, October 13, 2006

M - respectable clothing

Josh succummed first, we went shopping for him as soon as we arrived in Calgary, and yesterday it was m turn. I went down to the Chinook Centre, a huge mall in the SE. The theory is that I will have job interviews to go to soon...

After four months of Tshirts and shorts, looking at nice clothes was quite distressing, I really could have done with a Christine or a Wendy to help me out! But I am tough and so I shopped alone. Did quite well too I think, pants for under $15 and two shirts, each $24 down from $35. Only trouble is I got grey pants and now that I think about it I'm not sure they go so well with my brown shoes. Might have to go back.

I like the clothing sizes here, I am a 10 again! And when I went into the Gap I became an 8! I think I will buy some of their clothes for that reason alone.

As we travelled through Alaska, I told Josh all about teh big fluffy cotton hoodie I was going to buy the second I arrived in Calgary. This is the kin of item which was totally impractical to have on our trip, but the ultimate in slouchy comfort. I still don't have one! Who would think that such a thing would be so hard to find?

We are of to Canmore for the weekend, to visit Richard our Dutch friend. He is working as a fudgepacker there at the moment, which he takes great delight in telling everyone. He mentioned something about hotpools in Banff too!

Possibility of snow forecast, or at least rain, so we are thinking maybe we won't ride our bikes. Surely there are bus services...

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