Wednesday, October 04, 2006

M - I quit!

I have yet to find a new job, but without the time to look for one I have decided to finish up my current job and look for real. So I have to work until Saturday and that will be my last day.

Josh seems to be settling in at his job, and getting used to starting at 8.30am. It has been very funny to hear him complain about me keeping him up at night, he really needs to get to sleep, and about how it would be great if I would only get up at the same time as him... It is music to my ears after all those early morning jobs I used to do, very strange how familiar those complaints are. I have been trying to help by making lunch for us to take some days and I will try to start getting up at the same time in the morning!

The Futon workled out so we now have two places to sit, and we even had a visitor to stay so it has performed it's bed function as well. Our visitor was Richard who we met in Tok when we first got to Alaska. Richard is from the Netherlands, and is currently staying in Canmore, so he drove down to spend a weekend with us. We celebrated by going to a local pub for dinner.

On the sunday we made the most of knowing someone with a car - Josh found a TV on Craigs List and the boys were able to go and pick it up. Bonus was a free DVD player. Unfortunatly reception is almost non-exsistant in our cave, but creative use of the cable internet is helping there.

I still don't really like Calgary much, but we are begining to feel more settled. Having a decent stock of food in the cupboard and plates to eat it off makes a big difference. Not to mention a couch to relax on in the evenings and my knitting!!


Christine said...

I find knowing locals helps a place feel better. Liam would recommend post offices as good places to find friends. He's done well finding friends for all of us.

M + J said...

Can I borrow him???

Christine said...

the other features aren't always so useful, not going to bed, etc