Monday, February 26, 2007

J - Tri-ice-a-thon

It's another monday night, tired from the weekends climbing we have been fighting to keep our eyes open at work all day. This week it was the Tri-Ice-A-Thon at Nordegg, a group of hostels have banded together to create a very strange ice event involving many odd props, semi-naked ice climbing, hot tubs and lots of shouting.

Here's Merewyn doing a speed climb, complete with party hat, and white chocolate dog strapped to her back.

Swimsuit climbing event, (not Merewyn). Which wasn't a speed event but was done with a fair amount of speed even so :) Wasn't too cold that day, -5 maybe.

More 'swimsuits'. Notice the rock shoes and chalkbag.

Me top roped on a mixed climb on the second day. (not a movie)

After the weekend was over we had done well, Merewyn won a rope in a rope coiling competition and I won a day with a mountain guide. So we drove home in a snow storm and paid the now customary visit to Tim Hortons coffee and donut fast food joint. The only fast food restaraunt with an employee health plan. It is bit of a mixed bag and it gets better the more you go. It has terrible coffee of course but they will serve it to you in your own cup which is nice. Good sandwiches and other food and a huge array of donuts. They also sell donut centres, these are known as Tim Bits.

Buy 6 or more donuts exempts you from paying GST, it's the law. Strange but true. I bet it makes their taxes really complicated.


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