Thursday, February 08, 2007

M - Rockies Adventure

Big Sister Megan came to visit for a week, so we took a couple of days off work,hopped into the Korean Ferari and went for a grand tour of the Canadian Rockies. Early in the trip Megan bought a T-shirt which listed 6 national parks, this set a goal, though we only had 4 days to see them all.

Thankfully there are some roads to asist, and we were able to get to Banff, Yoho, Glacier, Revelstoke, Kootenay and Jasper National Parks. To qualify we had to actually get out of the car and look at something. Activities were limited as almost all the facilities were closed.

Highlights include snow day in Banff (Meg Skied, I "boarded", Josh ran down the hill in front to catch me) and hot pools in Radium Hot Springs - the most radioactive hot pools in North America (with a name like that I would never have guessed!)

Sexy in our ski clothes, Merewyn and Meg in front of Castle Mountain, now our favorite 'Rocky'

We made it out of the car and into the wilderness in Mt Revelstoke NP. Here we are doing the Ceder Grove Boardwalk in over 1m of snow. The boardwalk had snow up to above the handrails, and we walked along on top of that!

Rogers Pass in Glacier NP has a nice museum. They were showing a very interesting film about climbing in the Grand Teton NP (Wyoming, USA)

On our last day we visited Lake Louise with the almightly hotel. The lake is frozen and there is a skating rink and cross country ski track around the edge. The hotel has built this ice castle out on the lake, and there are also ice sculptures in the grounds infront of the hotel. It was a little grey weather wise, but beautiful none the less.

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