Monday, February 19, 2007

M - Anything to avoid study

It all started when I asked friend Jess if she would like the accumulated Atlas jars we have from a partiular brand of pasta sauce. She said she would like to have them, so Josh dug around in the cupboards, found them, and matched them up to lids. There are quite a few of them... tick, tick, tick, goes my mind - chutney! We had little sausages for breakfast this morning, (I am still pining for Vekerks Cheese Kranskis) and were commenting on how nice a bit of chutney would have been.

I am doing a university paper by correspondence from New Zealand. You see, I had this idea that I would have all these hours of spare time over the long dark Canadian winter. The exam is this Friday, so I am in full study mode - or as full as I ever get. I'm not too stressed about it as I did very well in the two assignments, so only need to get 40% to pass the course (C's get degrees!) There is an inverse relationship here, meaning I am managing to do some study rather than being paralised by fear.

So the perfect study avoidance was born, and we now have 2 years supply of vege chutney on the stove, with only a couple of months to eat it! Maybe Jess will still take the jars if they are full?

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