Monday, May 07, 2007

M - transition

At this point we have moved out of our house and we are staying with friends Jess and Lachlan in their very nice home in the SW (thanks again guys!) We sold our car and as much of our furniture as we could, giving the rest to the sallies.

I have just realised a funny thing, our laptop is called an Acer Aspire, and our car was a Ford Aspire, now I need to take a look at the other things we bought here in Canada. Perhaps this particular marketing has a resonant affect on Josh and I? Josh frequently claims to be immune to advertising despite any number of examples to show this is simply not true.

The plan form this point is to take a short tour through southern BC as we missed most of it, riding quickly across to and from Alaska. There are a number of hot pools to be visited, one is even underground in a cave. We might manage to circle around and come back through Washington which we also haven't seen. Then back through Calgary briefly before riding east, stopping again in Wisconsin. Ultimately we want to reach the east coast, and visit the Maritime Provinces of Canada, and some of the north East Coast of the USA. Finally we will sell the bikes (or give them away!) and fly home. Whew!

There are a number of people we are hoping to visit along the way, and accommodation is likely to be more backpacker hostels, campgrounds and the like as the free camping options are more limited than in the west.

Short term we are rationalising what things we would like to take or send home. Josh is having some trouble with irritated eyes meaning he can't keep his contacts in for long. This needs to be resolved as he cannot ride very easily wearing his glasses.

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