Monday, June 25, 2007

J - Wisconsin

I was wearing a motorcycle helmet while helping cover my Uncle Daves car when this hail came down 1 minute after we arrived in Hudson. I felt a little bit silly though my cousin John was just running around in short dashes as if that would somehow confuse the hail.

Two days later we arrived in Monroe Wisonsin, Ahh the land of cheese. Wisconsin is pretty great. Rolling hills covered in corn and cows. In the evening fireflys come out and light up the fields. We have been yukking it up with the rellies, eating limburger cheese sandwiches and drinking beer. It's 11pm and I can still smell the limburger on my fingers from lunch. Tomorrow we are going to scream through to Detroit (Day-twaagh) and then to Toronto. The interstate is eating my rear tire for breakfast and travel is wearing away my entheusiasm slowly. We are going to the East which we vowed never to do. There is fun to be had but there is a lot of sitting still to endure in order to get there. Still, there's lots to see and do, we have friends all over the place, New Foundland, climbing in the shawangunks, New York. The traveling is different this time, planning 5 days ahead, and staying in cities instead of idly wandering in the national forest and parks. But we are getting lots of free food!

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Wandering Ewan said...

Breaking vows is what it's all about bro! ;) oh, and free food.