Sunday, June 17, 2007

M - Off again

Well it is raining and pouring here in Calgary, but we are going to take the plunge and get out into it. I never knew Calgary could be so wet, it has rained every day for a week.

We are starting the long haul east, beginning on the Trans Canada Highway, then dropping down into the USA on our way to Wisconsin.

Wish us luck in the wet!


Caroline & Zeke said...

Happy Trails!

If its any consolation its fairly cold and showery here... Zeke and I haven't managed to get out much for walks except for aalst Wednesday when we saw a whale (probably an Orca) off the Petone wharf.

Zeke reaches 5 mths in a week so will get some more pics up soon.


Caroline & Zeke (& Jeremy)

Lockie said...

It stopped raining and warmed up a bit (sunny and 19) up until 30 seconds ago, when it started pelting down again. At least there's some lightning to make things interesting. Hope things are drier where you are!

Christine said...

It hasn't even been dry here in the 'desert' everything is still very green thou it is getting warmer 32 C today and yesterday