Monday, June 11, 2007

M - Around about and back to Calgary

We have been very busy since the last post. Sorry about the lack of blogging, but now I am going to make up for i with a bunch of photos...

When I wrote last we were heading off towards Vancouver. Our hostel was pretty central on Granville St, so we were able to go out and walk around the town and stop for some terrible nachos and a beer or two. In the morning we walked down to Granville Island which not really an island at all, but is a 'park' organised by the federal government. There is a big market place, lots of art stores and general colourful businesses. Even a brewery.

Sadly I didn't actually buy any fruit. No sure why not now, would have been a good idea!

Although it isn't surrounded by water, there was some water between us and Granville Island, and we crossed it on this super cute ferry boat. We are sure they are powered by a few energentic mice hidden under the floorboards.

Quite the bike collection on the big ferry as we crossed over to Vanouver Island. Waiting for the boat we met Richard, a Caniwi (both Canadian and NZ) who invited us to come and stay at his house on Lake Horne. Thanks again to Richard and Jane! The house was halfway though renovations, and the weather was lovely, so we slept out in the gazebo.

Richard and Jane have only solar power, and a composting toilet outside, so it was a bit like being at a darker more rustic Taheke. In the morning we took a shower up on the roof. No photos of that though sorry.

Despite it being the weekend we decided to be brave and head to the west coast. We were warned that it would be very busy. It turned out no to be very busy at all. The first night we stayed in Ucluelet (You - clue - let), a nice wee fishing village which remains slightly off the beated path. Fresh fish cooked over a ceder drift wood fire was very nice. Then we headed up the coast hoping to sneak into the 'full' campground at Green Point in the national park. When we got there, it turned out only two of the 30 walk in campsites were in use, so we had 28 possible sites to choose from! So much for all the crowds and having to book two days ahead. Tofino was very nice, and a launching point for all kinds of tours that are not really in our budget.

When in rome... I decided to join the thousands of logs washed up all along the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Man have we seen some great slugs! This guy was my favorite so far, he is about 5 inches long, thicker than your finger.

We passed through Victoria in the rain, so stopped only for a quick look, then another ferry across to Port Angelus, Washington. We tried going to Olympic National Park, but we were to late for the visitors centre, and the campground we were considering was closed. Instead we headed along the coast to Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge for a clifftop campsite above the sea. Exciting to be back in the USA, especially as the beer is so much cheaper, but I didn't like the Wasabi chips very much.

We passed though North Cacased National Park which I thought was especailly beatiful, and then dashed across Washington, all the way to Spokane where we stayed with Dwyllis, my mother's cousin. Dwyllis and her husband Del gave us a great tour of the city, especially interesting as we have been watching Public Television from Spokane all winter and knew a little bit about the place already from that.

We then had an interesting ride across Idaho and into Montana ending up at the same campsite that we stayed in at Easter on our Rockclimbing trip. A good run of over 200 miles considering we didn't leave until 3pm. Then finally up to the Canadian border, stopping for lunch in Sparwood at the World's Largest Truck. Josh had to inspect the bouldering possibilities.

And now we are in Calgary again. While we were gone they have had a snowstorm and torrential downpours which flooded the city. I think I am glad to have missed all that!

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Namaskaram said...

Hey there
Glad to see you made it home OK from your great adventure. Congratulations on the house and being parents!!
You are often in our thoughts, wondering what the heck happened!?

Richard & Jane