Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some trip Stats...

Total distance travelled: 21,137 miles or 34,016 kms or Wellington to Auckland 56 times, $2400 in gas!
No. of tires used: 7
No. of punctures: None!
No. of Chains: 4
No. of Oil changes: 4
No. of Tolls Paid: 1 until we got to Chicago but then we lost count within half an hour
No. of times stopped by police: None!
No. of bribes paid: Well... this is the USA!
No. of nights camping: 150
No. of tents sent back to MSR: 2 (they were very good about it though)
No. of photos taken: 3042

Don't even ask how many bugs we killed...

Right now we are in the 'Gunks another world famous climbing area. Many thanks to Ben who we met in Nordegg (remember the bikini ice climbing photos?) we are now in a great little house only meters from the rock with climbing books and magazines for Africa, and Family Guy and Simpsons DVD's to entertain all of Asia....


Caroline said...

Can't wait to see you guys!!! But hope you get some good climbing in and some sunshine before heading back here...

Lots of love

Caroline & Zeke

Gemma i Eduard said...

Good luck in your way back to NZ!!

And don't forget to contact me if you ever want to travel a little around Europe, I may be able to give you some directions (specially South-Europe and Alps)...

All the best!