Friday, May 19, 2006

M- And maybe another bike...

A couple of days ago we looked at an ok bike... Anyhow we were waiting for the Russian owner to cave in on the price, but he seemed pretty stubborn. He advertised it at $2000, and we really only wanted to pay $1800. He had said he wouldn't go lower than $1900...

We had a couple of others to look at today, one old one down in the Mission district (close) and one new good sounding one over in Berkley. We couldn't get hold of the guy in Berkely, so went to the mission in the mean time. That old bike was a bit shot, so not a goer, and when we got home there was an email to say that the one in Berkeley was already sold - after only one day!

Grrr, we are keen to get moving outta here, so we said we'd meet the $1900 for the Russian. We are going to pick it up tomorrow.

I think it's time Josh wrote a post, he's feeling well enough to drink white rum!

Some stuff we saw today:

2400 Fulton St, just up the road, where Jefferson Airplane used to live.

St Ignatius Church on Fulton which is big and impressive. (This is only the top half)

Big Pink house which is crazy!

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Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! Sounds like it is all going well - nothing much happening here - am procrastinating - Christopher is sleeping and I should be filling in tax returns but somehow I just can't get enthused. Have booked our tickets and have sold Bythell St so at least have something to look forward to = and ofcourse can live vicariously through you lot.
PS might have to start a Blog so can comment on XY'x