Monday, May 22, 2006

M- We're outta here!

Well looks like we might make it out of here today. We have two bikes, registered and almost insured. Josh is installling electrics into them, so we can use our radios and charge things such as the phone and camera as we ride along.

Here is the new bike:

Jeff and his flatmates keep telling us not to go yet, so I guess we were pretty good guests. You guys can come and stay with us anytime!

We didn't get to go to Alcatraz, but I'm sure Josh would say "that's something we can do when we are old."

The boys have finished college for the semester, and after the tests ended there was some serious drinking to do of course. and then some serious recovery. Here is Jeff all snuggled up preparing for the third night in a row...

Huge thank you again to Jeff, James and Pete the vegan!

I really love reading the comments everyone is leaving for us - keep them comming!


Scouser said...

So what's the bike? Looks like a Yamaha, but how big? Not as big as Josh's 1200 by the looks of it.
It looks very shiny. How are you going to carry your stuff? large backpacks could be a pain, not to mention a bit dangerous for riding raising the centre of gravity etc.. You should get some panniers or something, and a tank bag ;-)

Christine said...

Who did you get insurance with? We're doing car insurance so I'm curious.

M + J said...

Yeah sorry i never said what it was, yes it's a Yamaha Seca II XJ600. It sounds a bit funny but seems to go pretty good. I wouldn't call it shiny really, the faring is all cracked, it has been dropped a fair bit but is straight and hopefully reliable.

We brought our panniers/saddle bags with us from home.

M + J said...

Insurance is with progressive, by far the cheapest on non-USA licences. We bought it through an agent.