Thursday, May 18, 2006

M- Back to searching

Josh got pretty bad yesterday, fever of 101F and heaps of coughing. He stayed at home while I travelled out to the airport to meet my brother Richard and his family. They are moving to Sante Fe and transiting through San Fran. Dad said they had about 16 bags plus hand luggage, so might need some help. I was intending to go anyway as I wanted to see them as they come through, it might be a while before we get to Sante Fe if at all. Anyhow somehow I missed them. I don't really understand how, I was right outside the gate when they landed and I waited about an hour and a half. When their flight had dissapeared off all the boards and there were no longer anyone coming out of the door I gave up. Maybe I just left too soon? A taxi driver had told me it normally takes about 15mins to clear customs.

Richard had tried to call our cell phone which I had left with Josh. It wouldn't have helped though as it is broken and and the person on the other end can't hear us. We can hear them fine! Rick left a msg to say call him back, but didn't leave his number and it didn't show on our missed calls list only "Withheld"

So, that was a bit of a waste of a day, but it meant that Josh had a quiet one. He was still very ot last night as we went to bed, but feels better this morning, so I think he's on the mend. I had threatened that if he was still so bad today I would take him to a doctor, that might have done it!

Here is a photo of Jeff's flat where we are staying (thanks again Jeff!) You can see the new bike parked outside. Jeff's flat is the 1st floor.

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Christine said...

sorry you missed us or we missed you, there was a long que at customs, longer than R has struck before, may be that was it. We only had 12 pieces of luggage as it happens and only had to move them about 50feet from the customs exit to recheck them. (see new distance measure useage)
Great news about the bike though. We'll car shop on the weekend so we can return the hire tank (chev trailblazer)