Monday, May 15, 2006

M- We might have bought a bike?

Maybe, we're not quite sure, you see the guy wasn't very easy to talk to. As we set off from Fulton, I said to Josh: "I've got a good feeling about this one". He has a cold so just grunted in reply. We had to get there by 6pm, so we take the BART train under the bay to Oakland. Unfortunatly I put us on the wrong train and we never went past the station we were expecting to get off at. By the time we realised we were way down south somewhere! No big drama, just catch one back the other way, only we were now seriously late. Then the next drama was to hurry to the bus stop, then realise we didn't have anything smaller that a $20 which the buses just will not accept. Ahhh! Josh buys a coke to solve that problem, and the bus shows up, driven by the world's most unelpful bus driver. Basically we don't know where we are going, our map only has half the streets on it. We get off the bus when we see our street, only now we are at number 600, and the bike is at number 2260!!!! It's about 10 to 6 so Josh calls ahead as we start walking. The guy explains to Josh about 10 times that we could have stayed on the bus and got off at the other end - yes ok we realise that AND IT'S A BIT LATE NOW! He was off to the library so we walked the rest of the`way and then sat in the sun in his driveway until he returned.

Anyhow he wanted $2500, not a bad price for a 1998 Suzuki Bandit 1100. It's in good nik, but could do with a tune and will need a new rear tyre soon... we offered him $2400 as he had explained that he had turned down $2200 already. After about six or seven hours of him thinking, checking with his wife, and asking random questions about our overseas licences, insurance and have we checked with the DMV? he finally said we could have it for $2300 (thats $100 less than we offered) and gave us a ride back to the BART station.

So, keep your keyboards crossed that the deal hasn't changed before tomorrow night when we go back with some cash!

Josh is loosing his voice so I made campbells soup for dinner.

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