Tuesday, June 27, 2006

J - Episode 14, in which Josh finds a tick in a strange and terrible place

From Wyoming through South Dakota and Minnesota it has been a flat windy marathon over the bumpy cracked up concrete surfaces of the interstate. At 130km/h with 3cm of tired foam between your buttocks and the battery it can become very tiresome.

Water is found only 20 metres under the ground and tastes like it has been sitting in a plastic container in the sun for 3 weeks. But there is a huge amount of life in the prairie if you look.

Pete struck again in Keystone South Dakota 2 miles from Mt Rushmore and hasn't been seen since.

We missed out on seeing the Museum of Spam. 'Spam has done a lot for that town.' We will have to see it on the way back.

Probably the most interesting spot was Plankinton, which was having it's 125th ?quasi-sesqui-centennial? something or other. We were kindly taken in by a nice family, shown how to drink Miller and tomato juice, play the slot machines, and party with the locals. Especially one Chuck, an oil man from Wyoming with too much money and not enough beer.

Wisconsin is nice, it's like Austria probably or the North Island (with swiss people), green, lots of cows, cheese, corn. And whats more, it has corners, a welcome change.

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Jeff said...

Got your first taste of a red beer eh? its a midwestern thing I think. damn right wisconsins nice. see you in a few days. I just got one title in the mail so far, I'll bring that.