Wednesday, June 28, 2006

J - Motorcycle mechanics

Well I've always been a bit scathing of motorcycle mechanics. I've had chains improperly adjusted, tires put on backwards and bolts snapped off and then glued back in with contact cement. Today was another nail in the coffin. My bike has been running rough ever since I got it, you can hear one cylinder missing at low revs. I finally got time to look at it now that we have a garage at our disposal and found that the 3rd spark plug had been inserted when there was gravel in the chamber.

There were rocks in between the plug rim and the head cover!?!

Now I don't know that a mechanic did it but I don't think the guy who owned it changed his own plugs. It's a real pain on a 4 cylinder sport bike. You have to take it half to pieces.

We rigged up this vacuum fitting out of our fuel siphoning tube and some electrical tape, the vacuum overheated and stopped after a while but we sucked the rocks out. I hope none of them dropped into the cylinder ...

Yup anyway it sounds better now, still a little rough but hey :)

It's been good to hang out with my family. Haven't seen most of them for about 15 years now. And the cheese is good here, so is the beer. Plus they have showers and beds :)

Maybe we'll even find time to upload some photos.

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