Thursday, June 15, 2006

M - Shoot em up cowboy!

Here we are in Jackson Hole, about to head into the Grand Teton national park, and then to Yellowstone.

Weather has been less than brilliant, we rode across the Idaho plains in a roaring headwind, Josh used half a tank of gas in about 40 miles. Then camped at Little Elk Creek which was really nice - until it started to rain. It poured down all night, with thunder and lightening. Then to top that - we got hail in the morning. At this point we were seriously considering spending the whole day in bed.

Well it seemed to be clearing... so up we got and headed into Wyoming. Aparently the hail which fell here was golfball sized! The rain wasn't leaving us in peace, so we succumbed, and spent the night in an RV park. $20 it's the most we have spent to camp so far, and it was pretty crap honestly. But on the plus side we got to have showers (first time for 8 days!) and met a nice guy, Pete from the UK who is cycle touring. We might manage to camp in the same place as him tonight as well.

Hopefully we will get to the Huckleberry hot springs just south of the Yellowstone border.

Time to go, internet access is only 15mins at Teton County Library!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having the same weather as us - thunder lightening hail and torrential rain as Itype - at least we are indoors with the fire! Ruth - and Christopher who can walk (a few steps anyway) Ka Kite