Monday, June 19, 2006

J - things that go crunch in the night

The Tetons were impressive, the Grand Teton was shrouded in clouds however.

Pete turned out to be a constant companion for the next few days. We met him again, after our soggy conversations in Jackson, in Huckleberry hotsprings braving the bacteria and radiation which the local information desk warned us about. It was cool and we were dirty so we decided to brave the same. Caught up to him again touring through Yellowstone and convinced him to ride out that day. Making his total 120 miles. But there were no tent camping areas East of Yellowstone because of Grizzly danger so at 9:15 or so he showed up, kind of buggered after doing about 150 mi. We then caught up to him the next day hitching out of Cody so we gave him a ride. He hasn't unexpectedly shown up in the last 2 days however so maybe our paths have divirged for good. He seems to pedal faster than we ride so he is probably in South Dakota by now.

Yellowstone was a complete circus, complete with interstate-esque roads and flyovers. But it was a very beautiful one. Sadly is was devastated by fire in the '80s so it is a bit bare at the moment. The Bear and Bison on the sides (and in the middle) of the road were a bit of a traffic hazard. Our first taste of Xanterra the company that has been given the contract for managing portions of the National parks was a bitter one. Sadly we didn't make it to Mammoth Hot Springs.

After YNP and Cody we headed once more for the cool juicy mountains. The Bighorn mountains this time. One of our camps there was quite a way into the forest and in the middle of the night I woke up to hear something pretty heavy was walking slowly past our tent. I got out to find out what was going, feeling just a little nervous :) but it was gone.

The Buffalo city library seems to have a Basque fetish going on with titles like Basque Sheepherders of the American West, and Cooking With Our Basque Friends proudly displayed.


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