Sunday, May 27, 2007

J - Climbing in Squamish

We are bumming gear and bouldering to get some climbing done while we are here. We always regretted leaving Yosemite so quickly without doing much climbing. In hindsight it was silly so we are not going to make that mistake again even if we have to climb with nothing but a handful of nuts.

We are about to leave the comfortable little nest provided to us by our good friends Lachlan and Jess in Calgary.
One of the many lakes in BC.We spent the afternoon climbing Star Check outside of Squamish, BC with Fred Beckey legendary North American climber.
Still climbing well at 86.

Not a new tattoo but a charcoal mark from testing out the camp hosts exhaust system for leaks.
I leave my little bit of sweat and skin on Easy in an Easy Chair. One of the most climbed boulder problems in Squamish.

Merewyn and Jackie tip toe up the apron. A glacially polished slab of granite below the Chief.

Squamish is a great little town, quickly becoming a larger town. The winter olympics have been given to a nearby area Whistler, BC and this means that Squamish is a very desireable place to be now especially with the vast array of great outdoor activities here.

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Paul said...

hey, wow, cool and all.
Just thought I should let you know that half of my braces are off now. Which means I still have half the bane of my life remaining, but still that's progress.
Maybe I'll make me own blog and stick pictures of Malta on it for ye. Not as pretty as BC I have to say.