Monday, May 14, 2007

M - Almost ready to head out again

We are all set to ride away from Calgary on the bikes tomorrow. Neither of us feel terribly sad to leave Calgary, but we did make a few very good friends here, and we will miss them a lot, especially Sherman.

The plan is to go West again into southern BC which we are told has the best riding roads in Canada, all of which we missed on the last trip. We will spend the May long Weekend near Pendicton at a place called Skaha for some rockclimbing, and hopefully a few of those Calgary friends will be there too. We'd like to ride as far as Squamish near Vancouver, a major Canadian climbing destination.

Then we will pass thought Calgary again briefly before going East, hopefully all the way to the Atlantic. No doubt there will be a stop over in Wisconsin, and we would like to visit the Maritime Provinces of Canada, especially New Foundland which we have heard is very beautiful.

We then have to return our bikes into the USA to sell them before we fly home to NZ.

So, I have a tank of gas, we are mostly packed and the major job left to do is to head down to the pub for some beer and wings, our goodbye drinkies.

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