Thursday, May 24, 2007

M - Dunno what to call this one!

Another couple days of riding and we have arrived in Squamish. A famous climbing location, we are camped just outside of town under a huge granite cliff called "The Chief" it has a longer name but no-one can spell it.

Too bad we don't have a rope or any trad gear! So today i bought the bouldering guide. We met some other climbers right away, and they have a little bit of gear, so we might get to do some routes yet, here's hoping we can find something easy and run it out a lot!

From Penticton to here we rode some nice twisty roads, finally I am learning to corner the bike properly after so many miles of straight highways. Lunch yesterday was in Lilloot (sp?!) next to an enormous pelton wheel which had funny shaped cups and I really should have taken a photo of it. Then we passed through Whistler which is one of the scariest places I have seen, all totally new looking and packed full of starbucks and designer clothing stores.

I am starting to feel more settled into the roving life again, and looking forward to making a big trek eastwards. Just after I dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean, we haven't seen the sea for months and months.

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